Message from the president


Respresentative Director

My name is Kazemi Mohammadhossein of the Japan Iran Association. I have been living in Japan for 32 years and live in Japan with my wife and two children.

In addition to selling carpets and working as a public interpreter for government offices, I am now engaged in Persian home cooking restaurant management and trade relations.

I have always wanted to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Iran, so since I started living in Japan, I have been involved in various volunteer activities and participated in international exchange events. In order to expand these activities, we established the Japan-Iran Friendship Association (voluntary organization) in October 2017 and have been engaged in private-sector exchange activities to contribute to peace and mutual understanding. However, since voluntary organizations have limited activities, we established the “Japan Iran Association” in January 2022.

Special Adviser

Hiroyuki Tani ( 博之, Tani Hiroyukiborn July 19437) is a former Japan politician. Member of the House of Councillors belonging to the Democratic Party of Japan (6nd term), State Minister of Justice (Noda’s second reshuffled cabinet), Member of the Tochigi Prefectural Assembly(2 terms) and served as a member of the Utsunomiya City Assembly (2 terms).

In 2017, he became the chairman of the Iran Friendship Association in Japan, and since 2022, he has been a special advisor to the Japan-Iran Association.

 Shuichi Saito (born 1948) Worked at a local financial institution, worked for an organization outside Tochigi Prefecture after retirement, became Secretary General of the Iranian Friendship Association Japan in 2017 after retirement, and Director of the Japan Iran Association since 2022.

Hiroomi Kobayashi (Born in 1947) Born in Tochigi Prefecture, Representative of Kobayashi Project Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman of Japan-Iran Friendship Association in 2017 General Incorporated Foundation Manny Matsutani Medical Scholarship Foundation Selection Committee/Secretary General in 2022 General Incorporated Association from 2022 Director of Japan Iran Association.

Zamzam Seyedeh Fatemeh (born 1983)

Zanjan University Agriculture Faculty Graduated (2011 Zanjan University Agriculture Facility)

Since 2022,