From Japan to the world

Good news for small businesses

In the Middle East (West Asia), Japan is now under intense attention.
The level of education and manufacturing technology of Japan, as well as the quality of Japan products, are attracting attention.
SMEs, do you want to distribute your products overseas?

The Japan Iran Association will help Japan companies expand their new sales channels.
With the arrival of a new era, let’s take a new step!

From business negotiations to contracts, we can handle them in Japanese.

【Support for Overseas Expansion of Companies】

  • Various
    investigations and procedures associated with the establishment of overseas offices.
    ・Credit and
    market research of local companies and employees.
    ・Opening administrative and legal procedures.
    between overseas companies and Japan companies.
    ・Acceptance of highly skilled personnel such as doctors, IT engineers, and industrial engineers from overseas.
    ・Business matching between companies.
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Business Policy

1-Japan support the operations incidental to Iran in order to stimulate the economy, industry, technology, products, commodities, etc. of both Iran.

2-Japan In order to promote mutual understanding and goodwill between the two countries, Japan will plan and support the invitation and dispatch of delegations to Iran and promote exchanges.

3-We support the international trade activities of companies in Iran that wish to expand into Iran in the Japan and in the future, and provide consulting and matching on various projects.

4- Iran is well-known as a resource-rich country, but it is not well known that there are other areas where demand is rising. Currently, this applies to industries such as medicine, health, environment (air pollution and water shortages), lifestyle, welfare, commerce, construction, and culture. We will develop Japan companies and sole proprietors that can meet the above needs in Iran.

5-Collaborate with corporations, organizations and human networks in Iran to raise awareness of Japan and develop new channels of business opportunities.

6-In order to improve the efficiency of our operations, we have established a local office of the Japan-Iran Association in Tehran, Iran.

7- Conduct direct business negotiations in Persian and Japanese without English.

8-We conduct credit checks on Japan companies, Iranian companies, and sole proprietors in both countries.

9-We have established a cooperative system with local lawyers and accountants to deal with business practices and corporate legal affairs in business transactions with Iran.

◎ In addition to the operations incidental to the above, we will respond to various projects.